YO ZEN Women’s TOTEM Leggings, Black/Gold

54.00 43.20

The waist of the leggings has a flexible elastic band and a leatherette sign with the YO ZEN logo. The hems are turned-up. Leggings are slim fit. When choosing the right size, please see our size chart.

A faithful wolf, a brave eagle and a wise salmon form a sacred symbol, totem. Just like families and tribes, even totems are made up of individuals. Everyone has their own important place and meaning. In a group there is an overpowering force that is impossible for an individual to achieve alone.

Our design philosophy is to design the products so carefully that they stand in time, but they still look fresh for years to come. The cutting of the leggings as well as the pattern and high-quality material create a timeless garment that is easy to combine with the clothes that are already in the closet.

Flexible but strong jersey is 95% organic cotton and 5% elastane. The pattern is printed on a throughout coloured fabric, which guarantees a good quality. Organic cotton fabrics may contain naturally delicate residues from the cotton cases.

YO ZEN clothes are recommended washing at 40 degrees with the same coloured clothes and form it damp. The clothes should be ironed back side up with a two-point temperature to make the print last longer and prevent the synthetic leather logo from being damaged.

All YO ZEN’s clothes are designed in Finland and manufactured ethically in Europe.


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