Our story

Your Piece Of Finland was born when two high school girls Riikka and Riikka (yes the same name) met. Actually it all started already when they named themselves after a law firm Benner&Benner from a tv series of that time. After a while they started to joke about having a business together. For years they didn’t talk about the business, but they remained as Benner&Benner to each other. Almost two years ago they decided that the time is right. But what kind of a business!? Both girls are from Rovaniemi (other still lives there) and it was obvious to them that the city of Rovaniemi was missing Finnish design products. That was it! Lifestyle store Your Piece Of Finland was born. Store where everything is Finnish from Moomin lollipop to high end fashion brands.

First they thought that the store would be loved by tourists, but as it turned out, also the locals praised it. Soon the girls realised that they’ve started something unique. Your Piece Of Finland was the first Finnish store with only domestic products.

Because the concept is deeply loved, why not launch an online store, to be available for everyone, everywhere in the world to share the pureness, safety and beauty of Finnish things.